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Our Areas Of Expertise

We are professional mariners who provide a wide range of auditing, monitoring, plan writing and exercise services including (but not limited to):

  • Vessel and shore office Third Party Audits and Court Appointed Monitoring, including projects for Department of Justice ordered Environmental Compliance Programs.
  • Vessel Navigation Compliance Court Appointed Monitoring.
  • Facility Security Plans, Security Assessments, Security Drills and Exercises
  • Vessel Traffic Analysis (For NEPA Environmental Reports, Environmental Impact Statements and planning purposes).
  • Consulting with Maritime Attorneys as expert witnesses and subject matter experts.
  • Regulatory compliance for maritime facilities and vessels including planning and exercises (environmental and operations).
  • Draft and Final Operations Manual writing for Deepwater Ports.
  • Assistance with the Deepwater Port Independent Risk Analysis process.
  • Maritime Pollution and Incident investigation.

To contact us and discuss your specific needs regarding either a Court Appointed Monitor or any of our other maritime services, click here to visit our contact page.